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Get alerted when you have unwanted guests

It only takes one break-in to throw your life into a tailspin, whether that break-in occurs at a business or at your very own home. Don't take the risk that you might find yourself having to cope with stolen belongings, equipment, or documents.


With one of our state-of-the-art intrusion detection systems, you and the police can be alerted when anyone gets into your property illegally.

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•   Setup

•   Maintenance

•   Repair

Service from start to finish

Early detection system

We offer full service intrusion detection services, from new installations to repairs. Take advantage of our early detection systems to protect your property faster.

We also offer CCTV and remote video surveillance options so that you can keep an eye on your premises at any time of day or night.

Monitor your premises

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Did your system break down? We offer 24 hour emergency service so that you get help right away.

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