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Southeastern System Services fire suppression

Fight back against fires

A fire runs the potential to wipe out your home or business, but you don't have to worry when you have one of our specialized fire suppression systems installed. These systems are competitively priced and highly effective.


Our professionals will evaluate your needs and design a system that meets the needs of your unique situation.

•    Water mist systems

•    High expansion foam systems

•    Dry chemical systems

•    Carbon dioxide systems

Effective fire control

Eco-friendly options

If you're worried that your system might not be environmentally friendly, we have a selection of suppression systems that use only clean agents that won't harm the environment.

Is your fire alarm system up to date and effective? Our experts can help you determine if your current fire alarm system is adequate for your residential or commercial needs.

Get early warning

Call us today for a FREE estimate on your fire suppression needs!


We offer 24 hour emergency service that will keep you protected at all hours of the day and night.

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